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Anti-Aging Super Foods PLR eBook


Anti-Aging Super Foods Table of Contents

Table of Contents…………………………………………………………..3
Forever Young………………………………………………………………6
Love the Skin You’re In………………………………………………….12
Anti Aging Secret Weapon……………………………………………..18
Final Words………………………………………………………………….21

Here Is A Sample Of The Content You Will Find Inside The Anti-Aging Super Foods PLR eBook Lead Magnet:


Whether you’re looking to turn back the hands of time so you can look and feel more youthful, or you are looking to improve mental clarity and memory, you’ll want to read every page of this special report geared towards highlighting the top anti-aging foods and supplements so you can live your best life.

When it comes to looking, and feeling younger by staving off the signs of aging, there is nothing as effective and long-term than when you incorporate powerful anti-aging foods, supplements and nutrients into your diet.

There are very specific foods that are known to boost and nurture the production of collagen, as well as regenerate cells that help increase elasticity, making your skin look smooth and youthful.

Better yet, these foods and supplements go beyond simply reversing the effects of aging and improving the look and feel of your skin. They will also boost energy levels, improve your memory and focus and in many cases, they’ll even help you fight off disease!

Are you ready to get on the path towards looking and feeling younger than you have in years?

Let’s begin!

Forever Young

There may not be such a thing as a foundation of youth, but the foods and supplements featured in this chapter will quickly help you get on the path towards looking and feeling younger.

If we are what we eat, it’s time to take a serious look at your diet and the type of foods you’ve been consuming that may contribute to lack of energy, brain fog, wrinkles and bad skin.

Instead of processed foods that leave your skin dry and wrinkled, stock up on these expert-recommended ingredients next time you’re out grocery shopping and begin the transformation!

Sesame Seeds

Surprising? It shouldn’t be. Sesame seeds are high in calcium and rich in many other minerals including magnesium, iron and fiber – all of which support healthy bones.


Pineapple includes a powerful mineral called manganese which activates the prolidase enzyme, which helps with the formation and increased production of collagen.

Why does collagen matter so much?

An added boost of collagen production (that’s created by the amino acid proline that comes from pineapple) will give you an immediate improvement in skin strength and elasticity which will make you look youthful and toned.

Dark Chocolate

Not only is dark chocolate loaded with anti-aging benefits, but it’s

great as a replacement for sugary cravings if you’re trying to cut carbs and lose weight.

Dark chocolate is packed with flavanols, which are known to increase blood flow to the skin which improves overall circulation.

As an added benefit, because of the flavanols found in dark chocolate, and their ability to absorb UV radiation, you’ll be able to protect your skin from the damaging effects of sun exposure.


One of the top power berries of them all, blueberries contain more antioxidants than nearly any other fruit! Better yet, they also reduce skin damage caused by sun exposure.

But there’s yet another reason to incorporate blueberries into your daily diet: they contain high levels of Vitamin C which works to prevent wrinkles and smooth fine lines.

Tip: Blueberries are also known to help protect your skin from emotional stress and even over exercising and the dark purple seeds from Concord grades are filled with polyphenols that will help keep your mind sharp.

Incorporate one-half cup of blueberries into your diet every day to prevent cell-structure damage and prevent the loss of firmness in your skin.


It should come as no surprise that pomegranate is an essential fruit when it comes to anti-aging and softening your skin so that it looks and feels years younger.

Pomegranate is a top ingredient in many shakes, smoothies and vitamin-based drinks as well as many anti-aging and weight loss

recipes because of the high levels of ellagic acid and punicalagin, found in its seeds.

Ellagic acid is a compound that fights damage from free radicals while punicalagin is a super nutrient that helps boost collagen production and connective tissue – both of which will give your skin a soft, plump and smooth look.

Tip: Try to incorporate more than pomegranate juice. Consider purchasing seeds that you can sprinkle into foods and recipes.

Kale, Spinach or Swiss Chard

When it comes to firming up that loose skin and minimizing wrinkles, take your pick between these three power foods.

These vital veggies include special phytonutrients that help protect your skin from sun damage, while fueling your body with antioxidant compounds.

Spinach is loaded with beta-carotene, a powerful nutrient that has been proven to improve overall skin elasticity.

Tip: Try to include 3-4 cups of kale, spinach or Swiss chard into your daily diet. Replace iceberg or romaine lettuce with spinach.

Swiss chard leaves, as well as Kale, are loaded with chlorophyll, a super nutrient that can block the effects of cancer-causing chemicals!

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Anti-Aging Super Foods PLR Squeeze Page


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Here are the email subject lines to the 7 email follow-ups you will be getting in this eBook PLR product.

  1. Title: The Truth about Anti-Aging
  2. Title: Why Collagen Really Matters
  3. Title: Powerful (Yet Simple) Anti-Aging Routine
  4. Title: Anti-Aging: 2 Things You Must Avoid
  5. Title: 4 Powerful Anti-Aging Tips
  6. Title: Top Anti Aging Foods
  7. Title: Anti Aging Home Remedies

Here is an example of one of the emails you will be getting.

Title: Anti Aging Home Remedies

Hey there!

Over the last few days we’ve talked about the
different ways you can incorporate anti-aging
foods into your life that will help you look and
feel younger while also discussing the importance
of boosting your collagen levels so your skin is
soft and youthful.

Today, I’ll leave you with a few anti-aging home
based remedies that you can try today. I hope they
help you on your quest for radiant, youthful skin.

Anti-Aging Tip #1: Egg White Mask

Egg whites are loaded with protein that helps with
tissue repair and regeneration. They also include
potassium that helps preserve moisture leaving your
skin looking smooth.

Here’s how to create an egg white mask:

Mix together one egg white with a teaspoon of fresh lemon
juice and half a teaspoon of honey. Apply to your
face and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Anti-Aging Tip #2: Lemon Juice Dab
If you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and
fine lines before you go out, create a lemon juice
dab. It takes only a few minutes to create and will
instantly tighten up your skin.

Here’s how to do it:

Apply a thin layer of lemon juice mixed with honey
to your face for 6-10 minutes. Then rinse it off with
warm water.

Anti-Aging Tip #3: Aloe Vera
Few things beat the healing properties of Aloe vera.
Consider taking a daily aloe supplement or apply
aloe gel to your skin 3-4 times a week. Leave it on
for 15-20 minutes and then wash off with warm water.

Anti-Aging Tip #4: Cucumber Yogurt Mix
A single cucumber contains many different minerals
and vitamins including Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, folic
acid, iron and much more.

Create a skin cream by pureein half a cucumber with
1-2 mint leaves. Then, mix in half a cup of Greek yogurt.

You’ll want to refrigerate it for 15 minutes before

Anti-Aging Tip #5: Banana Mask
Bananas contain natural vitamins and powerful oils that
will improve your complexion and overall skin health.

You can easily create a mask by mashing one banana and
then pasting it to the skin. Make sure that the banana
is mashed enough so that it forms a smooth paste. Apply
and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

That’s all for now! I look forward to hearing from you
and sharing additional anti-aging tips and strategies
over the coming weeks.

Until then,




Anti-Aging Super Foods PLR eBook

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