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Doom Scrolling PLR Product

Doom Scrolling Table of Contents

Introduction………………………………………………………………………………. 5

The Truth About Doom scrolling………………………………………………….. 7

How Doom scrolling Impacts Our Lives……………………………………… 10

How to Break the Habit……………………………………………………………. 26

Final Words…………………………………………………………………………….. 32

Resources………………………………………………………………………………… 34

Here Is A Sample Of The Content You Will Find Inside The Doom Scrolling PLR eBook Lead Magnet:


Many of us are familiar with this routine.

You log onto your favorite social media platform and check the COVID-19 reports, then move on to the state of the economy, and climate change, finally ending with the latest debacle created by that politician who pushes all your buttons.

Let’s not forget the latest school shootings and the gun control debate, the healthcare chaos, and the attacks on democracy.

And that’s just the local news.

What about the Middle Eastern wars, Russian cyber-attacks, and Australian wildfires?

There seems to be no end to the catastrophic news scrolling across our screen.

Bad news has always been around, of course. But why is it having such an impact on our mental health lately—and what can we do about it?

Let’s take a good, hard look at the practice of doom scrolling (otherwise called doom surfing), how it may be impacting your mental health, and what you can do to replace this negative habit with positive, fulfilling ones that improve the quality of your life.

Let’s begin!

The Truth About Doom scrolling

Doom scrolling is the obsessive intake of bad news, even when it creates anxiety and worry. Despite knowing how it makes you feel, you just can’t seem to stop yourself from consuming this toxic information.

Finance reporter Karen Ho originally discovered the term on Twitter, and it turns out that there are good reasons why we are so likely to fall into the destructive habit.

Media psychologist Pamela Rutledge explains: “The tendency to doom scroll is a result of how the human brain is wired. Our brains instinctively pay attention to any potentially dangerous situation as part of the biological imperative of survival. Our brains are designed to constantly scan the horizon for potential threats. Since threats are more important to our survival than other information, we pay more attention to the negative information than to the positive. When there are no answers or conflicting answers, more information doesn’t increase our sense of safety, so we scroll in pursuit of better answers, and so on.”

It’s a seemingly never-ending cycle of negativity and unhappiness.

Mike Brooks, co-author of Tech Generation: has this to say about doom scrolling. “Fifty thousand years ago, when we were on a savannah, if we missed the bad news that there was a pride of lions stalking a watering hole, we could have been eaten. But if we missed the good news that a tree nearby was bearing fruit, we likely would have lived to see another day.”

So, if you’ve been consumed by doom scrolling, don’t feel bad. You’re certainly not alone. It’s human nature to pay attention to new information, especially if that information might help us respond to danger and ultimately, survive.

But the truth is, in today’s times, doom scrolling isn’t just unhealthy, it can lead to missed deadlines, incomplete tasks, and cost you valuable time that should be spent with friends and family.

The habit also isn’t an easy one to break, especially if you have a mobile device and are used to consuming news throughout the day via apps or favorite websites.

But thankfully, there are things you can do to quickly replace this toxic habit with ones that will add value to your life, and improve your mindset.

Before we get to that, let’s take a closer look at how doom scrolling may be impacting your daily life in ways you may not even be aware of.


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Doom Scrolling PLR Squeeze Page


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Here are the email subject lines to the 7 email follow-ups you will be getting in this eBook PLR product.

  1. Subject: Break the Doom scrolling Morning Habit
  2. Subject: Break The Doom scrolling Habit on Your Phone
  3. Subject: Mindfulness and Doom scrolling
  4. Subject: Stop the Doom scrolling
  5. Subject: Replace Doom scrolling With Positive Habits
  6. Subject: Where to Go Instead of Doom scrolling
  7. Subject: Life After Doom scrolling

Here is an example of one of the emails you will be getting.

Subject: Life After Doom scrolling

Hi there!

Today, we’re taking a look at the vicious cycle
of doom scrolling.

That’s where you try to find something positive on the
internet to relieve your anxiety, only to find more and
more bad news, which makes you even more anxious and

In our last email, we talked about where to go instead
of doom scrolling, and today we’ll look at your new life
without the negative habit.

You’ve had a whole week to break your habit—have you

If you’re not quite there yet, don’t beat yourself up. It
takes time to break an unhealthy habit and substitute a
healthy one instead.

You might need a month or more to fully rid yourself of
the doom scrolling habit. Just remember our tips and tricks
and keep plugging away. You’ll get there!

In the beginning, creating boundaries with your phone
and the news may feel weird and difficult.

Give it time and you (as well as your “lizard brain”)
will become used to the new reality.

Dr. Aditi Nerurkar, a Harvard physician, reminds us
that “It’s easy to quell something that you’ve been
doing for two weeks, but it’s more difficult to quell
something you’ve been doing for five months—or for years.

But the brain is better than any smartphone out there.
It is always adapting and evolving and responding to
its external cues so what you focus on grows. Over
time there will be a difference.”

Find ways to stay connected with the important people
in your life. Virtual visits may not be as satisfying
as real ones, but they are connections, and you need
those more than ever now.

And while you’re keeping those important relationships
alive, don’t forget to take care of yourself as well.

It may sound cliché, but self-care is just as important
as maintaining your social support system.

Make sure you’re participating in activities you enjoy
and taking time to pursue your hobbies.

Discover new hobbies as well—there’s no time like the
present to learn something new. If you find you’re
struggling with time, try creating a schedule for yourself.
Actually put your hobby or activity onto your calendar and
“make a date” with yourself to have fun.

Another way to take care of yourself is to seek help if
you need it.

If your doom scrolling habit has made you anxious and
depressed, find a good therapist who uses cognitive
behavioral therapy techniques.

This is a practice where you learn to replace unhealthy
thoughts and habits with healthy ones, which is exactly
what you need to do with doom scrolling.

A good therapist doesn’t judge, but only helps you clarify
your own thoughts and feelings and make some healthier
decisions in your life.

You can find a good therapist by checking the local online
white pages, then calling to see whether they use cognitive
behavioral therapy or not. You can also contact the National
Institute of Mental Health or check out their very
informative website.

You can also try group therapy designed for busy people
with too much stress, or seek out a psychiatrist. You
probably don’t need medication if your anxiety and stress
are caused by doom scrolling, but if you do need it, give it
a shot and see whether it will work for you.

Just make sure you ask your doctor to avoid anything
habit-forming because you certainly don’t want to replace
one unhealthy habit with another one!

Your life after doom scrolling can be a positive, healthy
one if you put the effort into making it so.

Follow our tips and you’ll soon see what we’ve been talking
about. You’ll feel more in control of your life and feel much
better about yourself.

In time, you’ll be able to put down the phone or computer and
walk away from the bad news.

You’ll get your news from reliable sources that are relevant
to your life and ignore the doom scrolling click-bait that
social media often throws your way.

You’ll also develop new, healthier hobbies and socialize more
with friends and family.

And doesn’t that sound like a better life?
Until next time,

{Your Name Here}




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