How Private Label Rights Works

Private Label Rights: How PLR Works

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How Private Label Rights Works

PLR, which stands for “private label rights” is content developed by other people who share rights with those who purchase a “resell license”. In other words, you are given a license to resell content at your own prices, and under your own brand.

You become an instant info product creator!

Both private label and white label products comes in many different forms, including reports, eBooks and even software, scripts, WordPress plugins, graphics, templates and all-inclusive video training packages!

White Label vs. Private Label

There are two main types of product licensing when it comes to selling products that other people have created. They’re similar, but slightly different, so it’s important to know the difference.

Private label rights (PLR) products are those that have been created by other people, and you purchase them for a relatively low price, and then you can edit them, change the name, claim you created them, and sell them for any price you wish.

Within the PLR marketplace, you will find many different licensing offers, some allowing you to resell the content AND the rights to others, while other licensing prevents any distribution or transfer of rights, meaning that you can only resell PERSONAL copies of the product.

This is quite often the most valuable license of all because you can rest assured that the product will be limited in distribution, and not quickly saturated within the market. Stricter licensing rights also means less competition as you will be one of only a few people to ever have the rights to resell or distribute the material.

White label is slightly different. Instead of having to spend time editing a product, setting up a website to sell it, and handling payments, refunds, delivery, etc., you market a product someone else created, but it’s done under YOUR name, as if it were YOUR product.

Depending on the license, you may still have to handle payments yourself, and provide customer service, support, and manage refunds. Sometimes a lot of that will be done for you, similar in the way you’d promote an affiliate product. The main difference is that you pay an upfront fee for white label rights, and you can generate a lot more money than you would if you promoted the product as an affiliate.

You also get all the benefits of having your own product, especially building your own brand and reputation, instead of someone else’s, but without all the hassles associated with product creation.

When you sell a white label product, you usually get to keep all, or most of the sale price, but usually with an upfront fee involved. After this initial investment, which is usually considerably less than it would be to create the product on your own, you keep all of the profits.

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Both white label and private label products can be extremely profitable, allowing you to build your name without having to create your own products. It just doesn’t get any easier!

How To Find High Quality PLR Products

There are many different places to source white label and PLR products. If you’re in a niche market, it may be more difficult because there’s no one place to source a wide variety of white label products. You’ll have to contact individual product sellers and inquire about acquiring rights.

However, if you’re in marketing, it will be considerably easier, because there are lots of places to get great deals on white label and private label rights products.

A great place to start is with the products from

They have a lot of different products in sub-niches of the internet marketing niche, so you should be able to find something that will fit within your overall marketing plan.

You’ll pay just one upfront fee, and then you can sell the products under your name, and keep 100% of the profits.

Another great way to source products in the internet marketing niche is by signing up for the email lists of all the most popular marketers. Many marketers offer white label rights to their products from time-to-time, and may offer PLR, or reseller rights as well.

How To Make Money With Private Label Rights

Promoting PLR Products To Make Money

Once you have found a great place to buy plr products to promote, it’s time to start selling it. The first thing you’re going to want to do, before absolutely anything else, is to carefully read your license.

The terms of the license will dictate how you can sell the product, how you market it, how you price it, and a lot more. And the terms can vary wildly between different products, even from the same seller.

Once you’ve read the license, you’ll know what you can and cannot do with the product, and you’ll be ready to prepare to sell it.

If you’re selling PLR, you will have to edit the document, graphics, and sales page, and upload everything to your own server. You may want to create your own unique graphics, rename the product, and put everything on its own domain. This is because some people, especially in a narrow market like internet marketing, may have seen the original product being sold as PLR, which will make them less likely to buy.

If you are selling a white label product, it will quite possibly be hosted on the product creator’s server, and you will promote it like you would an affiliate product, but the product will be in your name, and you will keep all or most of the profits.

Email List

If you have an email list, that will be your best resource for promoting your product. You can send out an email to let your subscribers know you have a new product for sale, and explain exactly how it can benefit them.

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PLR products are also great for building your list, because you can give them away as an incentive for people to subscribe.

Just be sure to check the license carefully, because many PLR products have minimum pricing requirements. However, a lot of PLR packages come with bonus reports that you CAN give away, so it’s a good idea to look for those if you’re looking to build your list while also selling your own products.

Social Media

Social media is another great way to promote PLR and white label products. You can use both free and paid social media marketing tactics to promote your product. Paid methods are more likely to produce quick results, because you are able to target the right people very easily, but free methods can work well too.

When using free social media marketing methods, it’s important to understand that most people look unfavorably on people marketing too heavily, so it’s critical that you first check the rules of any platform you’re using and then check the overall tone as far as marketing goes.

For example, Reddit is notoriously harsh to marketers. That’s not to say you can’t market there, because you certainly can! But it’s important to be very subtle with your marketing, and provide lots of real value with your posts.

Facebook groups can be fantastic places to market, because they often have hundreds, or even thousands of members, that are all focused on a particular niche.

However, many of them have rules that prohibit marketing, and others have very specific rules regarding how you can market to their members. Be sure to read their rules carefully and follow them so you don’t get banned and hurt your reputation with their followers.

It’s best, of course, to build your own social media following on various sites. Instead of marketing to other people’s channels, you can simply market to your own. It will take some time to build a following, but once you do you will see results much faster than when you have to use other people’s channels.


Another great way to market your product is to form partnerships with other people in your niche and work together to market each other’s products. This is called joint venture (JV), and can be quite profitable.

It’s important to understand that most people won’t respond to your request for a joint venture, especially if you don’t have a big following yet, or you’re not established in your market. Don’t get discouraged! Instead, contact people who have a similar list size, or similar social media following, and ask if they’d like to work with you.

It might be easier to do this if you’re in a niche outside internet marketing, because fewer people with be highly experienced and they will be more likely to agree to work with you.

However, it’s certainly possible that some people, even in internet marketing, will agree to work with you if you have something to offer them, even if it isn’t a large following.

After all, they probably remember what it was like when they first started. So don’t be afraid to try, but don’t take offense if some people don’t respond or turn you down.

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