How To Repurpose PLR Content You Buy

How To Repurpose PLR Content You Buy

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Repurposing Your PLR Product Content

While most people just use the content they buy as is, or they edit it slightly before publishing, white label and private label content can be used in other ways, too, depending on the terms of the PLR license. Let’s take a look at a few alternative ways to use these types of PLR products, other than directly selling them.

As always, be sure to check the terms of your license carefully to make sure you don’t accidentally violate it!

Bundling Your PLR Products

One great way to repurpose PLR and white label content is to bundle it, or sell it together in a package deal. And yes, this can be done even with products that are hosted on the creator’s servers, if the license allows it.

For example, you can create a sales page that lists all the products you are including with the package deal, and then manually send out access to everyone who purchases a bundle that includes something that resides on someone else’s server. Then you can have a download page for those items you can upload to your own server, and explain on the download page that access to the rest will be sent to them by email.

Be sure you’re bundling content that complement each other. For example, you might want to bundle a video creation software that you’ve secured white label rights to with a guide on video marketing, and a package of royalty-free video clips and music that people can use to create their videos.

You don’t want to just throw a bunch of products together that don’t extend the value of the primary offer, because people will be confused and unhappy.

Instead, bundle products together so that they take a customer through the learning process, decrease the learning curve and help to simplify the training. Every product included in a bundle should extend the value and support one another.

Tip: Compilations should contain a variety of PLR and white label products that form a collective training program, so make sure that when you begin selecting products for your collection, that each one serves as a “module” or training lesson that covers a specific topic, and that together, they form a complete training program.

Kindle Publishing

Before we go any further in this section, you should know that you can NOT directly upload PLR products to Kindle or many other platforms. This is specifically prohibited by Amazon and many other online marketplaces. However, you CAN use PLR as a basis for books you publish on Kindle, as long as you modify the content so that it’s somewhat unique.

Yes, this means you may have to do a complete rewrite of the content, however you’ll already have all the information you need to write your book! All of the research has been done for you, providing you with a solid outline that’ll cut down the time and effort needed to create something new.

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You can also add content, combine different PLR products into one, and rework content so that it provides a new angle or an alternative strategy.

You could also consider taking several different white label products in a similar subject area and combining them into one longer book or training course that covers a broader topic.

For example, you could take several different social media PLR products and combine them into a complete bible of to social marketing. You could also create individual tutorials just by segmenting private label content into individual training lessons.

Provide Additional Formats For Your PLR Content

Another great way to repurpose PLR content into your own is to simply change the format. Turn videos into eBooks. Turn eBooks into videos. Turn everything into audio for a podcast.

By changing the format, you completely change the value of the product, because no one else will have that exact product. In addition, it immediately increases the value.

Membership Website Is A Great Place To Sell Your Repurposed PLR Products

Memberships are another great way to repurpose PLR or white label content, because you can get a recurring fee instead of being paid just one time. But keep in mind that membership sites need to be updated regularly in order to keep members happy, so you’ll need to make sure you have a steady supply of content in whatever niche you choose.

If you’re looking to sell access to a done-for-you membership site, I highly recommend the PLR Products available at:

As an PLR Reseller, you’re able to sell valuable memberships that give customers access to monthly lead magnet packages. These high-quality kits include custom content, autoresponders and even squeeze pages making it easy for them to build their lists!

PLR Resellers can set their own pricing and never have to worry about set up or updates because it’s all done for you. Check it out!

If you’re looking to set up your own membership site where you can sell your PLR and white label products, you’ll want to look into setting up your own PLR membership website that you can earn a fool time income selling private label rights products.

Create Physical Products With Your PLR Products You Bought

CreateSpace makes it very easy to publish books on Amazon with absolutely no startup costs involved. With CreateSpace, you can instantly turn PLR content into physical (or Kindle) books, pricing them anywhere from $.99 to $99!

I’ve been able to generate recurring payments from books I’ve sold on Amazon using this simple strategy for many years now, and while the quantity of books that you have in circulation throughout the Amazon marketplace will directly reflect your profit, even just submitting a handful at a time will instantly maximize your income!

Here’s the distributor I use:

CreateSpace will also take care of all the distribution work for you as well, from submitting the book into Amazon from assigning an ISBN to each book you create.

How To Use Private Label White Label to Maximize Affiliate Sales

One easy way to boost affiliate sales is by incorporating your affiliate links into the PLR and white label content you distribute.

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For example, one strategy I’ve used for many years is in offering “direct download” material, so that instead of forcing a visitor to subscribe to my mailing list, I create pages on my blog where visitor’s are able to download a series of PLR based reports and training guides. It’s completely free and since I don’t require an opt-in, visitors aren’t forced to commit. Instead, they are introduced to my brand without any risks involved and then when they do subscribe to my list, I know they’re already familiar with my products and are interested in my offers.

One way that I maximize affiliate sales to specific products is by tailoring my PLR content around the markets I’m promoting. On my download page, I would feature products in the same niche market that contain my affiliate links within the actual content itself, and in the resources section at the end of the book.

That way, in the event my report gets distributed or shared by those downloading it, or it ends up going viral, my affiliate link is being seen by thousands of potential customers!

Using PLR Products To Create Killer Bonuses That Capture Attention

Another powerful way to use PLR is to offer it as bonuses to people who buy a product through your affiliate link.

Many successful affiliate marketers offer bonus packages in order to entice people to buy through their affiliate link instead of someone else’s. PLR and white label products make it easy for you to quickly create a unique bonus offer that ties in to the products you’re promoting!

List Building with PLR Products

You can also use white label and PLR content to build your landing pages and squeeze pages, as well as to power your autoresponder campaigns and email sequences.

PLR makes it exceptionally easy to deliver fresh, targeted content to your subscribers which will boost engagement and foster a relationship between you and your subscriber base.

You can also use PLR articles, reports and eBooks to offer additional incentives on your squeeze page to entice visitors into subscribing to your newsletter! It’s a great way to come up with new opt-in offers and bonuses!

PLR Products Conclusion

PLR and White Label content will save you an incredible amount of time and money, while helping you build a successful online business in as many niche markets as you choose.

The key is to purchase the highest quality PLR content possible, and to put your own spin on it so that your offer is different than anyone else’s, and stands out in your niche.

Think of ways in which you can take white label content and transform it so that it provides additional value. Combine products together to create in-depth training course, repackage material so that it offers more value and customize and rebrand the graphics and other visual components so that it better reflects your brand.

While PLR and white label products will instantly cut down the workload involved in creating profitable information products, the people who make the most money from white label offers are those who spend a little bit of time making them their own.

You can do this!

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